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What is Corma beads?

Corma Beads is small,hollowed spherical filling material developed to make more comfortable pillow,made out of polyethylene.Corma Beads is being evolved from pipe chips, which inherit the good air circulation of the SOBAKAWA buckwheat husks of the old days and are still widely used in ordinary pillows and the pillows of hospitals and hotels.Corma Beads® (spherical beads) are a filling that provide superb air circulation.


This filling provide the user with a special feeling never experienced before.The unique feeling caused by the natural resilience and the flexibility transports the user supremely gentle and deeper sleep.

It's patented.


Corma beads®
This is the most basic beads.



Soft Aqua Beads®
It is little bit bigger than Acorn Corma Beads.Shape is square.
It is excellent in permeability and heat radiation.And also excellent in restoration(recovery power) and has soft elasticity,

naturally fit with the head and neck.


Soft Corma beads®
Giving the user soft feeling,in addition performance of fluidity

and air circulation keeps its best.


Acorn Corma beads®

 With a characteristic football shape,

Acorncorma has excellent mobility and a higher

degree of elasticity.




Mini Corma Beads®
Smaller than Corma Beads by approx 30%.

 It will be used for molding to the head  and makes it easy turn over in bed,

and neck stress will be released.


Mixed Corma Beads®

Calculated a best mixture of 3 different type of beads and pipe makes the best use of the advantage of each material to its maximum and taste unique feeling

 and provide you luxurious comfort sleep.





Ocha(green tea) Corma beads®
This is jointly developed with Itoen which is Japanese leading tea company.
This Eco-friendly product made out of used tea leaves effect odor eliminating.
Fragrance of green tea makes you sound sleep .